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Q. What makes Blue Sky Pool Service different from other cleaning services?

Our Pool Cleaning Rates

A. For 20 years we have taken pride in treating every customer's swimming pool like it was our own. Maintaining a pool is more than just emptying skimmer baskets, brushing and vacuuming leaves. Understanding pool chemistry is vital in preserving plaster and equipment, and making sure your water is safe.
Q. Sometimes I feel my present pool service doesn't even check the water, how can I be sure my water chemistry is safe?
A. Too often pool cleaners overload their schedule in order to clean as many pools as possible in one day. Our staff has a 34 item checklist that is completed and left with the pool owner. Also, we limit our staff to only 6 pools a day, making sure the necessary time is spent with each customer.
Q. Why does my pool turn "green" even though I have tons of chlorine in the pool?
A. Pool owners and service people think that just loading a pool with chlorine will solve the problem. It won't. That is why your pool is green. Once again, it is understanding pool chemistry and adding the proper chemicals in the correct amounts. In addition to chlorine, algaecides are needed as well as keeping the alkalinity and pH in correct balance in order for the chemicals to work properly.
Q. How often should my filter be cleaned?
A. Depending on the type of filter that you have depends on the frequency of cleaning. For DE filters, they should be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned with a degreaser no less than twice a year. Cartridge filters need to be cleaned more often and also a degreaser should be used. By keeping detailed records of pressure variances and circulation flow, our staff can determine when your filter needs to be cleaned.
Q. Your rates seem a little high, what am I getting for my money?
A. The difference of a few dollars insures that your water is safe. Your plaster will last longer and your equipment will run more efficiently. I often like to remind people that the water in their pool is the same water that was in there when the pool was filled. There are over a thousand different diseases that can originate in unsafe pool water. A new plaster job can cost several thousands of dollars as a result of the alkalinity being out of balance. Your money will be well spent.

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